I'm already doing editiorials on my own at a collaboration rate, why should I come to this?
Let's face it, we are already doing tons of editorials for free and fun, but are they truly epic and stunning? Do your editorials reach the benchmark of publication? We are doing work that resembles everyone else's, and in the process, losing our individual voices. Yes, you may be doing editorials, but are they helping or hurting your brand? We are so happy to offer incredibly stunning professional models, gowns, props, flowers and an exclusive location at a fraction of the cost it would take to do on your own. Let’s create a benchmark editorial that will be worth it!

How does the Application process work?
We will be accepting applications until January. Please send us your ideas, mood boards, and any inspiration for your shoot. After January 1st, the teams will be finalized, announced, and you will be able to start creating and dreaming as a unit. We will place you in a Facebook group with your team, and encourage you to have group meetings via skype and get to know each other before you come together at the event. You will make a cohesive mood board, and envision the implementation of your ideas as a team. The Catalyst Creative team will be there to support you in all manner of props, administration, day-of styling and review.

    I already have a group of people interested; how do we apply?
    Simply sign up together. When you apply, let us know the person(s) you wish to work with. We can’t hold spots open for long, so make sure to apply at the same time, as a group, to ensure being placed together. We are not able to accommodate and facilitate the building of teams by holding spots, so again, please apply as a group, at the same time.

    What if I want to apply solo? Who will be on my team? 
    If you apply individually, we will build your team for you. Upon acceptance into the workshop, you will be notified with a list of people who have been accepted as well. Give us your choices of whom you would like to work with, and we will do our best to accommodate you. There will be four teams comprised of five people (20 maximum) at this intensive. There will be one person per trade in each group, and you will function as a team for the entirety of the event. You will work together as a team on both editorials to create your own unique work.

    Can stylists apply?
    Since there can be too many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to specific vision-casting and art direction, styling spaces have been limited to the Catalyst team and photographers who apply to be a part of the workshop. Everyone who applies and works on the editorial together will pitch in their ideas, and the team will come to a cohesive decision. If you are a stylist by trade, be on the lookout! We are working on something just for you. Stay tuned!

    Are accommodations provided?
    No, but we are happy to give you recommendations. Upon acceptance into the intensive, you will be able to communicate with your team and work out accommodations together. 

    Is there food provided?
    Yes, breakfasts, lunches, snacks, water, tea, and coffee but not dinner.  We encourage you as a team to go out to dinner together to build comradery. Food will be simple and healthy; if you have any need for gluten-free or have other food allergies please let us know.

    What exactly is provided?
    Venues for 2 shoots, agency professional models, props, gowns, accessories, floral supplies, creative direction, styling and Editor evaluations.